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Moron Experts

It is amusing and predictable when those who have accomplished next to nothing academically, take to criticizing those who studied and trained for years in the sciences.

Go sell your bullshit elsewhere. You are dumb. In more ways than the obvious one… way.


Do not presume to know why I do, or do not do, anything. Further, I have NEVER told ANYONE to go kill themself. Stating that I have, in writing on your blog, is a lie, hence libel. I also have not sent any anon messages to anyone in months and months and months, and even wayyyyy back when I did, there were very few sent (less than 20) Stating that ones inbox has recently been blown up due to anons from me is a lie, hence once again, libel. Any so called proof would have to be fake - again illegal and able to be proven to be false. Why are you even responding to posts from my blog if you have me on ignore and supposedly never so much as look at my blogs?!?! Oh yeah… Because that’s a lie. Once again you are caught in a lie. You have no credibility whatsoever. Any lawyer after hearing this story would advise you to stop any and all contact with me and mine, including responding to my blog posts, by blogging said response on your blog, yet you continue all the while crying victim and harassment. Clearly you are a manipulator and liar. It might actually be fun to prove that in court

Tips for YOU

What kinda birds don’t fly?!?!?!?!?


Yellow Daisies Beautiful